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by Milan on October 25, 2010

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Acclaimed film-maker Emily James is seeking funds to make a film about climate change activism. As reported in The Independent:

After making a string of acclaimed films for Channel 4, James has now committed herself to a project which her former commissioning editors won’t touch with a bargepole. Her film Just Do It – Get off your arse and change the world! follows the frequently criminal exploits of people taking direct action on climate change, shadowing three organisations – Climate Rush, Climate Camp and Plane Stupid – as they strive to bring attention to their causes. Due for release early next year, it promises to be an unashamedly sympathetic portrait of the activist community by someone who has been given unprecedented levels of access.

The film is going to be released under a Creative Commons license, and all donations made are being matched by Lush cosmetics.

The deadline is four days off, and they still need to raise £8,000. Please consider donating.

[Update: 2 November 2010] The filmmakers were able to raise the money they needed and then some: £21,400 in total.

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. October 25, 2010 at 3:20 pm

Set for release in spring 2011, Just Do It will be available under a Creative Commons license, making it free to view and share. The director Emily James is a passionate advocate of the open source culture movement, and sees this project as an opportunity to explore an entirely new relationship between consumers and producers of creative work. Funding via donations means that those who give to the project are enabling others to see it, not just acting as end point consumers. It is clear to us that social change cannot be measured by profit margins. James, “we want to focus on creating culture-shift with the film, on changing attitudes, rather than on counting box office receipts.”

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