Rickover to Carter, on Three Mile Island

In The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World, Daniel Yergin quotes extensively from a letter that U.S. Admiral Hyman Rickover sent to President Jimmy Carter, about the causes of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster:

The only reference to the letter online seems to the the Google Books result for Yergin’s book. It would certainly be interesting to read the letter in its entirety. Rickover is known as the ‘father of the nuclear navy’ – and he also had a great deal to do with the emergence of civilian nuclear power. Carter’s history also involves nuclear energy in several ways: he served aboard American submarines, and also participated in the cleanup after a meltdown at one of the Canadian nuclear reactors at Chalk River.

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3 thoughts on “Rickover to Carter, on Three Mile Island

  1. Bill

    Rickover also urged Carter to shut down all the nuclear plants in the US, but that was covered up at the time, and since then.

  2. BuryCoal


    That seems at least a bit at odds with the text of the letter above. Talking about increased operator training doesn’t seem consistent with the view that all nuclear power plants ought to be shut down.

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