Air transport emissions from the oil sands

by BuryCoal on January 23, 2012

in Climate change, Oil sands

The volume is probably tiny compared to the amount of pollution produced from the oil being mined, but it is interesting to note that oil sands companies in Alberta are now transporting so many people by air:

Call it Air Oil Sands. Industry giant Suncor Energy Inc. alone moves enough people that it would rank somewhere between Canada’s `10th- and 12th-largest airline. Several oil sands companies operate fully functional airports, complete with baggage handlers, and have filled out employment rosters with pilots and mechanics. One airplane charter outfit engaged in oil sands work is bringing in new airplanes so fast it doesn’t have time to paint them before they start flying workers.

The article says that it costs $42,000 to air-commute one person to the oil sands – arguably another demonstration of the boomtown logic at work in Fort McMurray today.

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