Warnings ignored

I wonder if one day words like these will be written about climate change:

In his preface to the 1921 edition of The War in the Air, [H.G.] Wells wrote of World War I (still able to call it, then, the Great War): “The great catastrophe marched upon us in daylight. But everybody thought that somebody else would stop it before it really arrived. Behind that great catastrophe march others today.” In the preface to the 1941 edition, he could only add: “Again I ask the reader to note the warnings I gave in that year, twenty years ago. Is there anything to add to the preface now? Nothing except my epitaph. That, when the time comes, will manifestly have to be: ‘I told you so. You damned fools.’ (The italics are mine.)”

Gibson, William. Distrust that Particular Flavor. p.207 (harcover)

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