Stabilizing emissions doesn’t solve the problem

This article demonstrates a common mistake in thinking about climate change: Recession rebound didn’t hurt environment – Report shows greenhouse gases stable in 2010.

Keeping emissions stable harms the environment very badly. The climate change problem is the accumulation of greenhouse gas pollution in the atmosphere. Humanity continues to add tens of billions of tonnes of that pollution to the air annually.

Our climate problems will be solved when that pollution is nearly cut to zero – just levelling off the amount of pollution per year is just the start of a very difficult journey.

One thought on “Stabilizing emissions doesn’t solve the problem

  1. Byron Smith

    I sometimes liken it to cutting one’s own throat. Is it a good thing to slow down the pace at which you are cutting your own throat? In one sense, yes, because you’re going slower, but in another sense, no, because you’re still ruddy cutting your own throat. Stop it!

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