Tankers for fossil fuel transport

Along with pipelines and rail, tankers seem like one of the important choke-points in the world’s fossil fuel system. If our objective is to keep oil, coal, and gas underground regardless of the desires of the people who legally own those resources, we are going to have to squeeze the links between suppliers and customers, especially unscrupulous customers like China who will buy oil from anywhere (even countries subject to trade sanctions).

In that spirit, it seems sensible to have a thread to post updates about tankers in. For instance: Western premiers urge PM to kill tanker bill.

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    King Coal is planning to do big business overseas and doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way.

    Coal giant Ambre Energy is making a major push to build America’s first West Coast coal port in Washington State. Ambre has chosen the breathtaking Columbia River as Ambre’s main artery for shipping millions of tons of coal each year to Asia.

    Tell politicians in Washington State to protect the health of their people and waterways and block the Longview coal port.

    The proposed coal port in Longview, WA is just the tip of the (rapidly melting) iceberg for the coal industry, which plans to turn the Pacific Northwest into a major corridor for dirty and outdated fuels.

    Today in Salt Lake City, RAN has gathered together with climate activists, air quality advocates, and local labor organizations at Ambre’s U.S. headquarters for a peaceful protest to send the message that enough is enough.

    We need your voice too.

    Tell Washington State politicians to keep coal ports out, and push clean energy projects forward.

    If Ambre’s plans are successful, vital ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest and countless communities en route will be exposed to toxic coal dust. It’s time to say no to dirty coal and the dirty air and contaminated drinking water it inevitably leaves in its wake.

    Help keep one of America’s most stunning ecosystems clean and green, and the communities around it safe from coal’s brutal impacts. Tell leaders in Washington to put human health first and stop coal exports now.

    GFC team

    In Solidarity,
    Amanda Starbuck, Annie Sartor and Scott Parkin
    The RAN Coal Team

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